Young Innovators Redefining the Distribution Industry

An innovative distribution company is bringing organic products to Staten Island, NY. Founded by two Staten Island natives, DIVVY has been “Redefining Distribution” as their slogan states and helping to transform this borough’s food selection into the likes of a Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


This organic revolution has become quite a movement nationwide and some statistics show that over 80% of Americans purchase organic food products. Despite this, there are still some areas where organic products are sparsely offered by retail locations. Not just a trendy word, Organic is a common term in the food and beverage industries referring to products that contain ingredients that meet certain standards like that of the USDA.


With a massive push for Federal GMO labeling, not only has the term Genetically Modified become a household phrase, but has also grown into a popular issue in the political spectrum. The vast majority of Americans demand their right to know what’s in our food, if our food has been genetically modified and if it has or has not been produced under organic practices.


There are many other food certifications average consumers are looking for when shopping for groceries such as, ‘“Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Vegan, Paleo,”’ and others. These labels have proven to boost sales of certain products as they verify the quality of the product meets regulations that health conscience people demand.


Many people of older generations (pre-millennial) don’t quite understand that organic food is the original food and GM food is a Frankenstein creation of man. Food has been divided into two categories in the modern era: Scientifically Designed and Organic (the way food used to be prior to human intervention.)


Commonly referred to as the “forgotten borough,” Staten Island is seeing the likes of many changes over the next few years with the development of the New York Wheel, the retail and hotel complex near the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and the construction of the trendy apartment complex Urby. DIVVY is doing their part by opening up Staten Island to a whole new market of organic brands that are popular in some major supermarkets like Wholefoods, Wegmans and Westerley Market.


Staten Island is now home to some wildly popular brands such as The Joe Tea & Chip Company’s iced tea and potato chips, GoMacro Macrobars’ nutritious meal supplement bars, Taza Chocolate’s savory and delicious stoneground chocolate, Late July Organic Snacks’ corn chips and several others.


Although fairly new to the island, these well-known brands have been competing with and even outselling major corporate brands in many delis, grocery stores and other retail locations DIVVY caters to. DIVVY hopes to transform Staten Island and other areas they cover into a place where consumers have options other than the GM products that have been forced on them by mega-corporations for decades.

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